Guided Reading Lesson Plan Template

Guided Reading Lesson Plan Template is implemented by most teachers to teach the students effectively. An ideal lesson template contains the matter that has to be taught in class, duration, introduction, various objectives, step wise procedure, reviews, homework and conclusion. Teachers can easily create their own lesson plan template by just writing it down on plain paper in a proper format as mentioned above. An individual can also download it from various internet sites that include the subject that has to be taught, software title, assessments, standards and type of application used and evaluation of lesson. Such guided reading lesson plan template can be successfully incorporated with the core curriculum of school.

How to Create the Lesson Plan Template?
The various steps involved in making the lesson plan template are as follows:
1.      Level: Preparation of the template includes considering the factors such as the age of students, difficulty level, what the students has to learn from the lesson? How learning assessment can be done? After deciding this, write down the matter of subject and its aims.
2.      Keywords: While writing down the guided reading lesson plan template form certain keywords and write it down in template. This enables the teacher to remember terminologies and make the students understand the lessons more successfully.
3.      Introduction: It involves introduction of the lesson. It can either be diagrammatic or simple oral explanation. Decide on it and just write down the significant words of that lesson on the template. Also ascertain the time duration required to teach the lesson.
4.      Methods: Guided reading lesson plan template consists of determining the teaching  method of particular lesson whether it is self explanatory, requires lecture, combining of lecture as well as discussion and if mathematics then which method to be followed.
5.      Practice: Decide how the students can practice the lessons taught to them. It can be done by assigning the project individually or to a group. Write down the point wise instruction that has to be given to students after determining the practice methods.
6.      Review: At the end of period what conclusion can be derived from the lesson has to be written in the guided reading lesson plan template.

7.      Homework, assessments: Details of homework, handouts given to the students have to be written.

Important Tips:
Teachers can write down their lessons first and then make the template as it helps in focusing on important aspects. Also teachers can go through other books for reference on subject apart from textbook. Homework given to students has to be based on additional topics and exam oriented. A Perfect guided reading lesson plan template has to cover the entire learning session and thereby impart full knowledge to the students. It serves as an effective tool that helps the teachers in organizing the lessons and provides better understanding of the same to the students.